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I8kfanGUI code history

Version 3.1 (released 16. February 2007):

Changes compared to version 3.0:

  1. application and fanio driver ported to Windows x64 (AMD64 / EM64T)
  2. display the temperature of each core on multi core systems with DTS capability
  3. new CPU load detection algorithm for compatibility with future Windows versions
  4. possible access violation fixed when opening the About box
  5. possible access violation during hd access fixed
  6. updated the CPU detection: added several new feature flags

Version 3.0 (released 17. December 2006):

Changes compared to version 3.0 beta 7:

  1. updated the CPU detection: added several new feature flags

Version 3.0 beta 7 (released 8. September 2006):

Changes compared to version 3.0 beta 6:

  1. fixed a bug which prevented the memory temp reading to be restored after a restart

Version 3.0 beta 6 (released 5. September 2006):

Changes compared to version 3.0 beta 5:

  1. new feature: restructured the entire application for multi language support (currently english and german versions are available)
  2. new feature: show temperature of second hard drive
  3. new feature: select the program's main operating mode from a centralized switch on the main window and from the tray icon's context menu
  4. new feature: changeable history diagram color theme
  5. new feature: extended the history diagram to 150C/300F for GPU temperatures above 100C
  6. design changes on the system info window
  7. changes in the tray icon context menu
  8. fixed missing hard drive peak temperature update when switching between celsius and fahrenheit or vice versa
  9. fixed tray icons going crazy with fan speed icon enabled but no fan status/speed reading enabled
  10. fixed the tab order of visual controls for simplified keyboard access

Version 3.0 beta 5 (released 4. July 2006):

Changes compared to version 3.0 beta 4:

  1. new feature: saving and clearing of history status log from the main window
  2. fixes in the temperature monitor: turn off values on the GPU, memory and chipset tabs are now shown and saved correctly

Version 3.0 beta 4 (released 9. June 2006):

Changes compared to version 3.0 beta 3:

  1. new feature: added a second configurable temperature tray icon
  2. new feature: all fan speed settings of the temperature monitor and the 'maintain fan speed' option are now repeatedly enforced in configurable intervals from 1 second to 10msec to minimize BIOS interference
  3. fixed a bug in the autostart fan speed functionality
  4. fixed a bug in the temperature conversion of the tabbed temperature monitor when switching from celsius to fahrenheit or vice versa
  5. fixed a bug that caused the fan icon's tooltip to be updated only when the icon values changed
  6. fixed a bug that prevented the fan status to be shown in the fan icon's tooltip

Version 3.0 beta 3 (released 2. June 2006):

Changes compared to version 3.0 beta 2:

  1. new feature: force the fans to high speed with selectable update interval
  2. new feature: configurable compensation for sensors that are off the exact temperature by several degrees
  3. new feature: show the peak temperatures for each sensor
  4. new feature: configurable display of fan speeds: show RPM or fan state in the fan icon
  5. new feature: new 'Realtime speed calculation' algorithm for CPU speed detection
  6. new feature: extended the RPM display in the fan icon to three digits
  7. new feature: rewritten the sysinfo dialog and added CPU info tab
  8. fix: rewritten the 'Maintain fan speed' option
  9. fix: rewritten the log file generation due to 'Can't write debug log. Debugging disabled' error message
  10. fix: improved compatibility for dual core systems
  11. fix: internal improvements in the fanio driver
  12. more detailed debug messages in the log file
  13. debug mode disabled by default

Version 3.0 beta 2 (released 23. May 2006):

Changes compared to version 2.2.0:

  1. revised temperature control to support multiple sensors and fans in any combination
  2. system specific sensor and fan detection
  3. changeable colors for each tray icon
  4. updated minimizing to tray feature to make it more intuitive
  5. updated realtime cpu speed calculation for hyperthreading and multi core systems
  6. automatic detection and support of hyperthreading, multi core, and multi processor systems
  7. User interface redesigned and updated to Windows XP styles
  8. redesigned the history diagram for better readability
  9. support for Windows XP themes
  10. dropped support for Windows 98/ME

Version 2.2.0 (released 24. Jan 2004):

  1. fixed swapped GPU and DIMM temperatures on Inspiron 8500/8600, Precision M60 and Latitude D800
  2. fixed several bugs in registry handling
  3. added proper fan speed detection for Inspiron 8600, Latitude D400 and Latitude D500

Version 2.1.0 (released 08. Aug 2003):

  1. added proper fan speed detection for Inspiron 8500, Latitude D600/D800 and Precision M60 (speeds reported by previous versions were unrealistic)
  2. changed the SMBIOS sysinfo interpreter to make it more stable and flexible (sysinfo reporting did not work on some systems with previous FanGUI versions)
  3. changed some program messages and added a few more to make the program more informative

Version 2.0.2 (released 26. Jun 2003):

  1. fixed a buffer overflow in tray icon tool tip if too many reading options were enabled
  2. fixed a bug when selecting CPU temp control profiles from tray icon menu under Windows 98/ME
  3. fixed a bug preventing the HD temperature to be converted when changing between different temperature units by using the options window
  4. fixed a bug where the program failed to update its settings in the registry when the system reboots or the user logs off
  5. added a new feature to make tray icons reappear automatically in the system tray area after Explorer crash/restart
  6. added an uninstaller option to keep program settings after program removal
  7. heavy runtime optimizations to CPU realtime calculation algorithm

Version 2.0.1 (released 01. Apr 2003):

  1. full installer & uninstaller
  2. added a context menu for right-clicks on tray icon to gain fast access to main options
  3. put main temp control options and some more info to the main window
  4. restructured the temp control options (modifications are stored directly in selected profile / 'Modify profiles' window gone)
  5. new option 'Hardware sensor support' for CPU temp control to use fan sensor speeds in temp control
  6. new option 'Fan usage balancing' for CPU temp control to distribute fan usage equally on both fans
  7. temp control turns off fans on its own when it gets deactivated by the user under safe conditions
  8. fixed an issue on the options window when pressing RETURN key (resulted in empty window in previous versions)
  9. fixed an issue in the status history when changing default temperature unit (temp scale was not always properly adjusted)
  10. fixed an issue in the temp control options that showed celsius values even when using fahrenheit as default temp unit
  11. suppressed the "temp control still running" warning message from popping up when starting from battery and having both the 'Autostart only when on AC' and CPU temp control options enabled
  12. restored compatibility to Windows NT 4.0 (compatibility was unintentionally killed in 1.8)
  13. fixed an issue in the temp control options where turn on value 4 was not saved when switching between profiles (fixed in V2.0.1)

Version 1.8.0 (released 15. Feb 2003):

  1. complete redesign of the options window
  2. implemented support for Windows XP's new common controls
  3. CPU speed displayed in history diagram
  4. added new options to select which values should be displayed in status history
  5. added hardware sensor support to the autostart fan speed settings
  6. fixed an issue when the program window doesn't appear in the foreground after clicking on the tray icon
  7. fixed an issue when using Fahrenheit scale and displaying the CPU speed in the tray icon (CPU speed was accidently converted to Fahrenheit just like a temperature)
  8. fixed some issues in the active temp control algorithm when changing the temp values or switching between profiles (failed to adjust fan speed levels correctly in several situations)
  9. fixed an issue in the realtime CPU speed detection algorithm
  10. fixed a GUI issue on the options page when enabling/disabling direct sensor support
  11. fixed a resource leak when drawing the history diagram
  12. fixed an issue upon reboot when both autostart and observer mode are enabled (program issued an unnecessary fan speed change)

Version 1.7.1 (released 27. Dec 2002):

  1. added CPU speed display to tray icon

Version 1.7.0 (released 03. Dec 2002):

  1. added a new option to enable CPU speed measurement in realtime (either by asking BIOS or by speed calculations)
  2. added a new option to switch between celsius and fahrenheit scales
  3. added a new option to display current fan speeds as separate tray icon
  4. added a new option to enable automatic maintaining of fan speeds for direct fan control
  5. redesigned history diagram on the main page (uses real lines and displays GPU temp now, too)
  6. hardware fan sensor support for the Inspiron 8x00 line (adjusting fan speeds on upto 64 different levels via direct fan control)
  7. added a link to the manual on the 'About' page
  8. several minor fixes at the GUI controls and tray icon display routines

Version 1.6.1 (released 13. Jul 2002):

  1. added a new option to enable/disable HD temperature reading
  2. added a new option to select HD to read temperature from (options dialog)
  3. added a new option to select which HD's drive data to show (sysinfo dialog)
  4. added two new options to select which values to show as systray icon
  5. added a new option to enable/disable minimize to tray when hitting 'Close' button
  6. added the ability to freely enable/disable the sensor reading options
  7. fixed a temp/load history diagram clearing failure when 'Show diagram' option was turned off
  8. optimized the sensor reading loop to further minimize CPU usage
  9. changed the HDD device algorithms for better compatibility
  10. changed links on 'About' dialog to a more modern look
  11. changed several message texts when searching for sensors (options dialog)

Version 1.6.0 (released 30. Apr. 2002):

  1. reading of temperatures from Video, SODIMM and an unknown ('other') thermal sensor
  2. reading of HDD temperature via HDD's SMART capability (if supported)
  3. reading of fan speeds and fan status separated
  4. temp monitor can now run in full mode on many more notebooks (reading of fan status and CPU temp are sufficient which should be supported by most DELL notebooks I8kfanGUI is currently running on)
  5. substantial changes in fanio driver to eliminate shutdown delays seen on some systems
  6. flexible handling of WTS registration failures on WinXP (annoying error message removed)
  7. display of general HDD information
  8. new 'Observer Mode' as a replacement for I8ktempGUI (thermal monitoring only)

Version 1.5.4 (released 04. Apr. 2002):

  1. added compatibility for Windows XP's fast user switching (program instances start and terminate/suspend with user sessions)
  2. added a new application icon

Version 1.5.3 (released 31. Jan. 2002):

  1. fixed an issue in the CPU temp. monitor where it fails to maintain fan speeds in some rare situations
  2. added temperature related warning messages with better explanations when using direct fan control
  3. no way to turn off any fan manually by direct fan control when CPU temperature is above 75C
  4. fixed display problems of options dialog at 1024x768 resolution

Version 1.5.2 (released 15. Jan. 2002):

  1. fixed wrong speed reading for second fan
  2. fixed CPU temperature monitor failure when using certain combinations of fan speed settings
  3. fixed occasional termination failure after using manual fan control
  4. fixed timer and mutex release failures on termination
  5. fixed termination problem when fanio not found
  6. added fanio driver version check at startup
  7. added a debug mode for realtime status logging
  8. improved I8100 A08 fan bug workaround
  9. improved fanio driver stability (now new version 1.2)

Version 1.5.1 (released 10. Jan. 2002):

  1. fixed large fonts problem with history diagram

Version 1.5 (released 09. Jan. 2002):

  1. preconfigureable temperature monitor profiles (incl. adjusting, fast switching, loading, saving of profiles)
  2. displays general system internals gathered from System BIOS
  3. customized fan I/O device driver for Windows NT4/2000/XP solving hibernation crashes (substitutes giveio driver)
  4. adjustable display update interval
  5. display current CPU load
  6. display CPU temperature & load in graphical history diagram
  7. I8ktempGUI updated and from now on included in main distribution archive
  8. reincluded support for older Latitude CPi models

Version 1.4.1 (released 29. Dec. 2001):

  1. Workaround for I8100 with BIOS A08 (avoid high speed when turning on fans)

Version 1.4 (released 27. Nov. 2001):

  1. CPU temperature display in system tray
  2. Four temperature monitor settings
  3. Improved temperature monitor algorithm for smooth switching between settings
  4. Protection against (accidently?) starting the application multiple times

Version 1.3 (released 10. Nov. 2001):

  1. Reading of CPU temperature sensor
  2. Reading of fan speeds
  3. Configurable CPU temperature monitor

Version 1.2 (released 02. Oct. 2001):

  1. Option to ignore autostart when running on batteries
  2. Option to terminate after autostarting the fans

Version 1.1 (released 26. Sep. 2001):

  1. Integration into system tray
  2. Automatic setting of fan speed on startup
  3. Automatic fan on/off cycling via timer

Version 1.0 - initial program release (released 10. Sep. 2001):

  1. Adjusting fan speeds via sliders

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